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How To Take Care of New Tree or Landscape

Landscape shrubs & palms: Water for 20-30 minutes every day for the first 30 days.
After first 30 days, cut back to 30 minutes per day 2 times a week for next 2 weeks.
From there on out, watering once or twice (*depending on season) a week for 30 minutes is recommended.

Trees: Water for 20-30 minutes every day for the first 45 days. After first 45 days, cut back to 30 minutes per day 2 x a week for next 2 weeks.
From there on out, watering twice (*depending on the season) a week for 30 minutes is recommended for the next full year.

Very important and keep in mind… it can take newly planted landscape (especially trees) approximately one year to completely acclimate itself. Therefore, it is vital that you keep up with above suggested watering instructions. We also recommend that you water in the evening hours/sunset in order for the roots to soak up the water vs it evaporating which occurs in daylight.


We recommend fertilizing your plants, trees and palms 3 x a year (spring, summer & early fall) with a fast release, high nitrogen fertilizer. Do not fertilize in the winter as that promotes new growth and that new growth could potentially freeze should a cold front come through.

*Seasonal factors to consider:

Summer: If we are in the full swing of the summer time rains, watering can be cut back if rain is consistent. Use your discretion.
Winter: Many tree varieties go dormant (lose all their leaves) in the winter months and that does not mean you can stop watering them especially if it’s been planted within a year’s time frame. Lack of watering will cause it to die!
Spring: Dormant trees will begin to flush new foliage and growth in mid to late spring. If your tree does not show signs of new leaves and foliage, this may be signs of a tree in distress or dead due to the lack of watering. Watering is a must even in the winter!!

How To Fertilize

How to apply all purpose fast release fertilizer (12-6-8):

Individual plant:

Scatter one heaping tablespoon around circumference of plant.

Larger tree or Palm:

Scatter one level measuring cup around curcumference of plant.
Repeat fertilization 3 times a year except in winter months (November-February)

How to properly apply fruit tree and fruit bearing plant fertilizer (8-3-9):

Once a month scatter one level table spoon per foot of tree height, except in winter months (November-February)



Prices are good through July, 2015, or while supplies last;
Please call to confirm availability: 727-857-0242

Crape Myrtle Special:

  • 3 Gal for $9.95
    (reg price $12)
  • 7 Gal for $19.50
    (reg price $25)
  • 15 Gal for $42.50
    (reg price $50- Lavender, White & Pink)
  • 15 Gal for $52.50
    (reg price $65- Red, Purple & Raspberry)
  • 30 Gal for $74.50
    (reg price $85)

Hedge Plant Special:

ONLY $5.75 each (reg. $7.50) 3 Gal.

  • Eleagnus/Silverthorn
  • Ligustrum-Jack Frost
  • Ligustrum- Recurve
  • Ligustrum- Variegated
  • Podocarpus
  • Viburnum- Odoratissimum
  • Viburnum- Suspensum

First shipment of citrus trees just arrived including the infamous cocktail citrus trees!!

  • Navel Orange (7 G $49.95)
  • Red Navel Orange-Dwarf (3 G $39.95)
  • Valencia Orange (7 G $49.95)
  • Valencia Orange (15 G $95.00)
  • Blood Orange (3 G $24.00)
  • Honeybell Tangelo (7 G $49.95)
  • Persian Lime (7 G $49.95)
  • Bearss Lime (3 G $24.00)
  • -Myer Lemon (3 G $24.00)
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit (7 G $49.95)
  • Cocktail Citrus (7 G- 2 varieties on one tree- $75.00)
  • Cocktail Citrus (15 G- 5 varieties on one tree- $150.00)

These will move quickly, so please stop/call in your order ASAP!!
Other citrus varieties may arrive next week (awaiting our shipment date.) We will notify you which varieties coming in as soon as those arrive as well.



Robellini (B&B, 15 gal) and Queen Palms (B&B) are in stock!

Featured Plant
of the Month:  

Viburnum Odoratissimum “O”
(aka Sweet Viburnum)

Potentially a very large
evergreen shrub or small tree.


Leaves are smooth, bright green and about 6 inches long. The leaves grow on green stems and grow very robust and dense. If not pruned, it can grow into a small tree. Height can reach 20 feet and 15 feet wide. In early spring it blooms cluster of small waxy flowers with a pleasantly fragrant smell.



Viburnum “O” prefers full sun. It tolerates moderate shade, but tends to grow sparsely and less dense in low light conditions. Prefers average to moist soil conditions. Watering regularly until acclimated is required. Pruning is required 2-3 times a year to keep desired shape/hedge height. Recommend fertilizing 2-3x a year.


It is one of the most gratifying shrubs to use as a hedge as it grows quickly and has a beautiful springtime fragrance. It’s beautiful, versatile and very low maintenance as it is rarely bothered by pests or disease.



3 Gallon @ $5.75 each
7 Gallon- ready soon


Tropicals, Accent Plants, Citrus, Fruit Trees and Palms in stock and arriving soon!

  • Bird of Paradise (orange and white)
  • Bromeliads
  • Futterfly Bush
  • Gardenia Bush
  • Passionvine (Red-Trellis)
  • Banana Croton
  • Macho Fern
  • Mandevilla Trellis (
  • Crown of Thorn (Red)
  • Ixora (Maui Red & Yellow)
  • Dipladenia (Red)
  • Dwarf Toubuchina
  • Croton (Petra)
  • Bottlebrush Standard
  • Duranta Purple Showers Standard (tree form)
  • Eugenia 2 ball topiaries
  • Gardenia Standard
  • Hibiscus braided Standard
  • Shrimp plant starndard
  • Hibiscus shrubs
  • Gingers
  • Red Sisters
  • Bush Daisy
  • Plumbago
Welcome to Canterbury Farms!
June Gardening Tip

Watering tip:

Rainy season has arrived a bit early and in full swing, so cut back your watering if you're on a daily, every other day or bi-weekly regimen with your new landscape. The "free" irrigation will be sufficient. If rains let up, please be sure to water once or twice a week depending on how new and acclimated your landscape is.


Along with rain comes fungus, black spot and insects, so make sure you have Triple Action Neem Oil in your plant care arsenal. Triple Action Neem Oil is an organic pesticide that controls insects, mites and fungus. Triple Action Neem Oil is in stock for $19.99 each (makes up to 8 gallons.)

Also in stock: 5 lb bags of fertilizer ($6.99 each) as summer-time plant fertilization is a must for your plants to bloom, flourish, ward off insects and to maintain over all good health.

How to apply all-purpose fast release fertilizer (12-6-8)

Individual plant:

Scatter one heaping tablespoon around circumference of plant.

Larger tree or Palm:

Scatter one level measuring cup around circumference of plant.
Repeat fertilization 3 times a year except in winter months (November-February)


We proudly serve retail nurseries, landscapers, lawn care companies,
wholesale plant brokers and the general public.

Gardening tip of the month: March


Keep your gardening tools in tip top shape and make them last:

After each use or in between plants take a razor and scrape any residue off the sheers/loppers. Then rub the blades with rubbing alcohol to clean and sanitize.
Ideally it should be done before pruning another type of plant in order not to spread any potential insect, fungus, disease or blight problem.
This great and easy technique will help ensure your plants are healthy and your tools are properly cared for.






Indian Hawthorn Trees
(if mild winter)
Azaleas, Indian Hawthorn bushes, Walter's Vibernum
Oleander, Indian Hawthorn Trees, Bottlebrush, Hibiscus,
Confederate Jasmine, Lantana
Crape Myrtles & Gardenia
Magnolias, Oleander, Crape Myrtles & Lantana
Magnolias, Crape Myrtles, Ruella, Ixoras & Plumbago
Ixoras, Lantana, Blue Daze, & Hibiscus.
Ixoras, Lantana, Blue Daze, Hibiscus
Lantana, Indian Hawthorn Shrubs, Muhly grass, Red Fountain grass
Bottlebrush, Loropetalum bushes and trees, Carolina Jasmine
Camellias, Star Jasmine